McKirnan Brothers, Inc.was founded in 1914 by Daniel C. McKirnan and James A. McKirnan as a retail cigar and tobacco store, as well as a pool hall, at 209 S. Main St. in Celina, OH.

Gleaning from the knowledge of their father, John McKirnan a former oyster fisherman from the Chesapeke Bay near Philadelphia and “Huckster Wagon” operator in Center Township, Mercer County, Ohio, the brothers decided to buy direct from manufacturers in order to supply local retailers with cigarettes, tobacco, candy, and just about anything that could be resold. The business was moved to 119 S. Main St., Celina, Ohio at this time.

In 1935 the brothers moved their operation to the old City Hotel at 125-127 W. Fayette St. in Celina to accommodate the increased warehouse space needs of their growing business.

After the conclusion of World War II, Daniel M. McKirnan and Robert J. McKirnan returned from service for their country to join their fathers in the business.

In 1956 the company purchased eleven cigarette machines from a local games operator and with the placement of a Hot Drink, Cold Drink, and Snack Machine at the Mersman Tables facility in Celina the Vending-Food Service Division was born.

In 1979 the company purchased the Barr Co. warehouse on Schunck Rd. in Celina and is operating from this location to date.

In 1979 Robert D. McKirnan, Robert J.’s son, joined the business and in 1980 Frank D. McKirnan , Daniel M.’s son, followed suit.

In 1985 the company purchased the assets and accounts of the Spicer Dairy Company and the Dairy Division was created.

Three Generations of caring for our customers’ wants, needs, and desires!

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